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I've finally managed to build my website via joomla and I am about 50% done with the whole site being done.

I need some insight on how generating revenue, traffic & success. Since I am a beginner at this whole thing I wanted to know how to effectively run a successful web site. When I begin, what exactly should I expect and how can I gradually improve.

From the looks of it I am mainly 'Content Focused' website that will feature textual/picture guides for video games as well as having video guides via my youtube channel (Similar to sites like IGN & Gamespot)

YouTube - 360AchievementGuides's Channel

What I need is a web owning veteran or someone who knows the ropes of having a website is how to effectively run a site and make money while doing it.

About the Site
Keep the name short and sweet no <_< Also try getting a .com, .net or .org domain. I know they're costly >_>

First of all its a new site so no one knows about it. Try to advertise it using youtube, myspace submit them to yahoo and other sites. The first thing which normally everyone does is get your friends join the website. If u are willing to spend money then use advertising websites which will advertise your site for money. Make Promoters for your website who will promote your site and get members. Give them something in return >_>

Get Affilitates
Next thing is getting some affilitates. Try finding sites which are similar to your site and give them small banner of ur site also take theirs and put them on ur website.

The Content

Well of course the content also matters. Try to make the site user friendly and use themes that users will love. Try getting stuff which all sites don't have try to be unique ;)

Don't make too many staff members >_> or guests might end up lolling. About administration be the only admin as far as possible. Increase staff after set no of members u get.

like 50members 1mod 200members another mod.

Anything else pm me :)

Edit: About the money making you need to provide special things like vip or other things depending on the type of your site.
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