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Forgot this place existed
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Let's advertise here too :p

I know there are a lot of artists here so that's why I ask here too.

I'm currently searching for persons to work with me on my Perfect Dark mod for UT2k4 ( ) and I'm searching for people that can do one or multiple of the following:

-Weapons modeling (3ds/maya) to work with UT2k4
-Weapons skinning (to go with the models :p)
-Textures artists
---For map -> making updated "high-res" version of the original "low-res" ones. You can use what you want, I only need to get them in .tga or .dds (photoshop/paintshop pro/etc.)

If you can do any of these, contact me via PM, e-mail or add me to your MSN contacts.

thx :)
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