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Following my last thread about the perfect sound emulation in ff9..
found out the nearly perfect sound plugin in ff9 is internal one..
after awhile..i've done some adjustment between varies spu plugin
around..just to make a perfect sound emulation for ff9..maybe i'm
greedy..guess:)..maybe just because the low sound quality of the
inteernal one..maybe just becoz other have more things to playing
around..lots maybe:p
Finally..found a way to solved the noisy sound in FMW using Null's
..and solved the problem the encho last forever after
thinks dat's nomore pro left..and yes!..i can say it's perfect for me
I've tried it with Null's 1.34..1.30 and 1.17..though 1.34(or1.35?)
is the latest..but the best is 1.30..coz the 1.34 will get u slowdown
at playing FMV at same setting..35-50FPS..1.17 did a good jod but
not best accurate..BE SURE to check the"Enable SPU IRQ Hack.."
this the way to clear the noisy sound in FMV
Forgot to testing it with maybe it works for cd-rom.
or maybe not..
Further not check the force VAG it may occasionally
mute the sound in for the reverb..since it makes no
difference for me..either ckeck it or leave regards:)
The setting's as below:

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I Null used to crash after the escape scene in FF9 on epsxe1.20 but it didn't happen in 1.40. and I've played that scene several times. the only other point it crashed at was near the end, but I don't have that save state anymore :(
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