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Yes, it seems to be hitting IPB forums hard, however it hasn't hit my site yet..

IPB is claiming it's a human doing the spamming and insists that recaptcha hasn't been broken, a lot of users think otherwise.

I've already got several PM's from this user on several IPB forums I am registered at, it very well possibly may hit other forums/software as well such as Vbulletin/Mybb etc..

Is there any other names this bot is known to sign up with? If not I think it would be best to add this name to the ban filter to prevent it from using that specific name. I'd also recommend immediate banning as soon as it's spotted since it's a Mass PM spammer.

Members should also be able to report any suspicious PM's to moderators or administrators so they may be able to deal with them immediately before they cause too much damage.

Btw there's also another PM/Post spammer that's making it's rounds that also PM's/Posts links to a malicious websites intended to infect members..
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