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Warning, Warning, don't use Fusion 3.1 if you have it. It has a serious problem that prevents it from working correctly. Instead, get 3.11 which will correct this problem. This is directly from Steve Snake himself. 3.11 is available over at Eidolon's Inn,

Here is what Steve had to say about it: Bugfix release of this Genesis/32X/Sega CD/Master Syustem/Game Gear emu
heres whats new:
Fixed silly YM2612 bug that I added in the last version.
Now selecting -fullscreen from the command line will not alter fullscreen setting in the INI file.
That's pretty much it, the last version was unusable because of the silly YM2612 bug, so I needed to get a new version out quickly. I had a look at the MP3 problem some people were reporting, and made a small change to fullscreen mode which *might* help. I'll need to rewrite my entire CDDA handling code to make any real improvement, though... Some other time.

Had to start a new thread since the other was closed, but I felt it was important enough news to warrant doing so.

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Thanks for the heads up. ;) Will try it out.

r2rX :D
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