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Wanna buy a PS2 ...

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I'm, probably, going to buy a playstation 2, and i want to know if i'll make the good choice or if i had to wait till the next console (like Xbox... etc)

I need your help !!!
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Well, I had that way of thinking too...
(mais comme on dit: "prudence est mere de surete" ;) )
So, I highly recommend U to wait until the "war" really begins between the consoles....
When all those ones will be out.
That s my opinion. ;)

(surtout qu a 3000FF :eyes: ....)

C sûr !! 3000 balles ....:eek:
wait a minute ... PS2 is now at 2790 F :D (200 Balles de moins c pas bcp mais c deja pas mal..Putain GT3, bordel g envie d'l'acheter cette console!! Et pis alors FF X ... je ...... je .... j'en reste bouche-bée!):eek: :eek:
Hey u have PS2?
No,and I don't plan to buy one(well maybe a second-hand one in 1 year).
thats the spirit , just wait some time and the price will go DOWN
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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