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W2K Plugin

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I'm trying to play REsident Evil II in epsxe
i have Windows 2000
i select the internal W2K plugin but i doesn't works.
i think that plugin isn't working

in the DOS window that appears when i runs epsxe, there is an error as

Init Core W2K cdrom.... gettrackinfo error [4]

and then it shows

W2k buf read error [4]

Please Help me about that
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Go here and download the force ASPI.
The reason you had to use the win2k CD plugin is because win2k doesn't have an ASPI layer. When you install force ASPI you should be able to use all the ASPI plugins such as Pete's CD 1.06 and the Internal ePSXe ASPI core CD plugin. For info on how to install force ASPI just follow the link to the homepage. Good Luck
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