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Hey everyone,

I hope you can pardon anything I'm doing wrong, I'm a noob to forums and PC emulators in general

Basically, I'm trying to play a .Bin of the game "Frequency" using PCXS2 v0.9.6

I configured the cd/dvd reader in pcsx to be directed to a daemon tools mount of the .bin

When I attempt to start the emulator, everything in the log appears fine until the blue title "FREQ session beginning" appears in blue, then directly below it, the error:

vtlb miss : addr 0x54, mode 0

This is in addition to two previous errors that it skipped passed:

Bios Version 1.60



Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to get the game running! :wub:

My (measly) setup:
Windows XP home edition SP3
AGP 256mb GeForce 6800
Pentium 4 @ 2.80GHz

For pcsx2 I'm using all of the default plugins

Let me know if you need any more info!!

Thank you in advance! :D

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Maybe a bad dump of the game?
Just make another disk image, using Nero or any other program, it should be fine.

I had that once when trying a scratched DVD.

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Disable patches.
don't mount the image file, simply use linuz ISO plugin and configure it to point to your ISO.
Use GSdx video plugin
Disable all the speed hacks, if it works enable them one by one to isolate the hack causing the problem.
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