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Some tought it was impossible... said:

We are proud to announce vSun, the SNES emulator for mobiles.
Symbian Version (Nokia Series 60) 1.0 is released and free for download now.
- Amazing sound effects!
- Different emulating mode
- Save/load with 5 slots each game
- SRam Save/load
- Zip format support
- Thread priority option
- Volume and soft volume switch
- Key maps for scrolling screen,Up+Left,Up+Right,Down+Left,Down+Right

What is vSun?

vSun is an SNES emulator for mobiles. It lets you play Super NES games on your mobile. You can put games from thousands of roms in your pocket, play them anytime and anywhere, with the memories and joys of old time.

The requirement of vSun Symbian 1.0

- Nokia Series 60 (3650,7650,N-Gage,N-Gage QD,6600,7610,6630...)
* Notice: vSun can't run fast on some of these mobiles.
Screenshots (Sorry for the crap quality, they we're taken with my sony vaio's webcam):

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Viper_Viper said:
Thats awsome, what games did u put on it? RPGs like crono cross I would still play at that FPS.
i think you meant Chrono "Trigger", right?

i've tested SMW, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 (3), among others...
it's really nice to see chrono running on my cellphone, since i've always dreamed of a great rpg to the n-gage.
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