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VRam Primitives

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I'm wondering how many ppl use it? I tried it out yesterday, and liked being able to see the battle transitions and stuff in rpgs for a change, but i experience a 10 fps drop, even when I drop the resolution to 800x600. Then i tried using the gfx card buffer, but that was painfully slow even though i have a geforce. fps dropped to 0, but it's not so bad when i use the processor to do the work. Does anyone have optimal setting (to get me those 10 frames back) for using vram primitives?
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It's nice but that's the bad outcome of it:eyes:
the best setting with FVP is emulated vram, and it's totally cpu dependent.I get slowdown in some special scenes with an athlon at 1.6Ghz
Usually the hw/accel gpus are catching the primitives (polygons, sprites, etc.)
which are currently drawn to the psx sceen area, translate them into
OGL/D3D/Glide primitives and draw them to the pc screen (simply spoken).

Activated OD is also catching primitives which are drawn outside of the
currently displayed psx screen, and draw that with software functions into
the emulated psx vram.

FVP is drawing everything in software... you can think of running two gpus
at the same time... the hw/accel. one and a soft gpu one.

So... the OD/FVP speed depends _only_ on your cpu (software drawing is done
without the help of your gfx card).
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Yes, I figured that was what you were doing. It's an unfortunate but inevitable fact. The 3D drivers have the soft drivers under the hood to allow for FVP. I'd love to use FVP since a number of games resort to VRAM textures, but with an Athlon 900 even the Soft Driver is slow sometimes.

OTOH, progress has been steady, and I appreciate it. Some of your updates actually fixed games (ie. SaGa Frontier became fully playable at v1.50). Do you have any progress planned for the soft driver system, which would in turn mean improvements for the 3D drivers' FVP system?
I still think the FPS limiter doesn't work well with FVP enabled.
thanx pete. FVP is great. I used it a little with the processor dependent setting in Chrono Cross and was getting a solid 60 fps on the 'wandering view' but then a drop to 40 fps for battles. It's a neat feature, but the performance hit is too much. If it were, I would throw away my playstation...again...
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