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Voodoo3 3000 & 1964

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I would like to know what plugin to use with the voodoo 3 video card. I have a hp 550 k6 with 64 ram and am runing windows98se.
I have tried alot of them and with no luck. Please help if you can.

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You'd want to use Jabo's Direct3D 1.30 plug-in. If it is giving you troubles, check that you're using the latest drivers, and also check to see if youi're running the latest version of directx.

I am using that plug in I have dirextx 8 and the latest drivers for my card. this is the error I get ( Driect 3d failed to initialize your HAL device Make sure you have a properly configured 3d graphics card compatible with direct 3d 6.0 ) I don't know what to do I checked and it said my device is working properly. Please any help

Thanks trouble101:eek:
There is no reason to double post your post. It's not like 1964 threads are moving at the speed of light.
Make sure you aren't trying to run it in 32 bit colour is my guess then.
I've got a Voodoo 3 2000 (Which is'nt far from your video card.)

I have hearing that the latest specific video drivers for voodoo 3000 where not 100 % good. (It may be because 3DFX corporation was swallowed by NVidia.)

Try using generic voodoo3 drivers, and that's not because you're in 32 Bits color that the emulator crashes. (The 3DFX VOODOO 3 serie doesn't have 32 bits support ...)

Hope I'va help ya ! So on ! ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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