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Voodoo Rush Help

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I picked up a Voodoo rush video card second hand because of it's video out plugs (rca and svid). But the problem is when I install the drivers it tells me that it cant enable the device. I tryed it on two computers, both xp, with two different drivers but no luck. It does work as a unnamed card but I need to install the drivers if I want to use the vid out. Ive done quite alot of looking on google, but I can't find anything, has anyone had/heard of this problem and a fix? Thanks in advanced.
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The Voodoo Rush is a ***** to get to work even in 98, but to perfectly honest you are better off trying in that. Be aware the Rush is less compatible with 3dfx games than the Banshee was. UltraHLE for instance had real issues with it.
Don't Dual screen in 98. It's really not recommended. REally I suggest you ditch the Rush for a Voodoo 1 or 2 if you want to keep your original card in there
Now that's a difficult one. It really depends on what you are trying to play.
If you are talking old OpenGL/D3D/2d games, then any old cheapy geForce should do the trick.
It'll be a better bet than the rush anyway: like I said, it's not even happy about 3dfx let alone d3d/opengl. I remember the problems I had trying to get it to work with Screamer 2 and Screamer Rally. Not to mention convincing Quake 2 to work.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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