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Voodoo Rush Help

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I picked up a Voodoo rush video card second hand because of it's video out plugs (rca and svid). But the problem is when I install the drivers it tells me that it cant enable the device. I tryed it on two computers, both xp, with two different drivers but no luck. It does work as a unnamed card but I need to install the drivers if I want to use the vid out. Ive done quite alot of looking on google, but I can't find anything, has anyone had/heard of this problem and a fix? Thanks in advanced.
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Good luck with the Voodoo Rush.. I can't say much for the card.:p You're much better off getting at least a Voodoo 3 if you want to do the Glide thing. You can get them on eBay easy enough.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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