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voodoo and radeon

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who's 3d acceleration is better voodoo or radeon
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Given that
  • 3dfx, the makers of Voodoo, are no longer in business
  • The Radeon was just developed recently, implying that it comes equipped with more powerful features

I'd have to admit that going with the Radeon would be the best choice (unless you got one hell of a deal on your Voodoo, and even then I'd have my doubts).

The main issue is driver support. While there are many that will surely comment on the quality of ATI's drivers, you have to admit that a company that's no longer in business can't be too much better ;)

It was suspected that after nVidia bought 3dfx they might continue to provide support driver development, several months have passed without any sort of release.
I worry about this..............
I thinking Nvidia wil kill "Gilde" and bury it forever.
"Gilde" is a nice API ,it has wonderful graphic.
Many old games use it...............
I want go back to play some nice old game too.
I hope it will come with GeForce VI............
Nope, no more 3DFX driver updates, at least not form Nvidia. They stopped supporting 3DFX cards as of 2/28/01. Hopefully third party manufacturers will come up w/new drivers for Voodoo.
Otherwise, Gilde may very well be dead:dead: .
That too bad if Nvidia will kill "Gilde"
If anything will be like you said sxamiga I think I must buy Voodoo 5 PCI and use with Nvidia XXX
I heard someone use GeForce2+Voodoo5.......but where driver for them???
Too bad for 3dfx...:(

Hope there are good programmers outthere who can hack future drivers for voodoo card owners...

But If you want the choice, let it be between Radeon, Kyro II (kick ass) and GF2 GTS. Or if you have enuff money, GET GEforce 3!!!!!
I found some third party Voodoo drivers! they are at (believe it or not). I didn't try any though. :emb:
do not use x3dfx drivers....use the official ones...better...
Disturbed is quite right, as of right now, x3dfx drivers aren't in a really heavily usable state, although they do hold much promise..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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