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download these files setup vb6 file
now download this file
dd control
3. Download SetupVB6.exe
4. Run SetupVB6.ex
5. Restart

6. Run SetupDControl.exe
7. Click Logo
8. Right click on the yellow X
9. Goto Direct3D
10. Make sure Hardware Acceleration is checked and/or enabled.
11. Make sure Advanced AGP is unchecked and/or disable
12. Run PJ64.
13. Breathe in.
14. Breathe out.
15. Load ROM, pefereable Majura's Mask because it looks beautiful.
16. Hold on to something.
17. Scream in exitement.
18. Praise Mr Bollywood
19. Praise me for these instructions
20. Grin for about 1 hour.

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CD the reason i posted it in general discussions was that most of the people check out the general discussions more often and i wanted as many as ppl to get a look at it if u would be kind enough to move it back to general discussions...besides this particular method might be useful for other particular areas in the emulation scenceee ....and before u start off i said might and so am not 100% sure...alright thanksssssss

Not really...

DirectControl has been known about for quote some time BTW, it's up for DL on PSXEmu, and when I still worked their, I did post about it when it was update.

And no, I will not move it back, it's now in it's proper forum, where it should have been posted in the first place.
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