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Official VBA:
Homepage: VisualBoyAdvance Homepage
SourceForge project: VisualBoyAdvance

A port of VBA to the PlayStation Portable
ZX-81's web site

A much more optimized GBA emulator for the PSP:
gpSP 0.9 - GBA Emulator for the PSP (full speed) - DCEmu Forums:: The Homebrew & Gaming Network :: PSP Dreamcast Nintendo DS Wii GP2X Xbox 360 GBA Gamecube PS2 Forums

Release Thread:

VBA smooth:
Better frame skipping and Kega Fusion's plugin system support.
For the download: The Emulation64 Network - NextGen and Retro Emulation News and Support

Homepage: VBALink - Visualboy Advance with link support!
[Faster Mirror on - Your Emulation Source]
Support forum: webzdarma - Chyba na stranì serveru / Internal server error
How-to: GBXEMU.COM - VBA Link howto connect

(Connects with a real GBA)
Download Mirror: Emunews 24 - Back to the roots

VBA with Rerecording:
Release Thread: TASVideos :: View topic - Download VBA here

Kode54's VBA build:
Last Build from August 2006:
Normal Version
SSE Version
SSE2 Version

"This is a modified SDL version of VBA to support advanced hacking features such as tracing, breakpoints and more."
Info & Download:

This site contains informations about GSF (GBA Sound Format), the Nintendo E-Reader and other interesting stuff.
Personal Page: Welcome to my personal Page

VBA 2 developer
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Other Stuff

"no-intro" project
They provide useful tools, dat-files for your ROM auditing needs and a vba-over file!!!
Tools & vba-over:

GBATEK (GBA/NDS documentation)

Pan Docs (GB/GBC documentation)

ARM Instruction Set Quick Reference Card v2.1
They also have (free) documentation of the whole ARM7TDMI CPU

GBA Dev'rs
A site for hobby GBA developers.

FluBBas TechDocs (GB, GBA, ...)

Official GBA Programming Manual
No download available, only for Nintendo licencees. :(

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added the last builds of Kode54's VBA from August 2006

# GBC sound code based on Shay Green's Gb_Snd_Emu, with changes for GBA mode. NEW Updated to Gb_Snd_Emu v0.1.4 (src/gb/GB.cpp src/gb/gbSound.cpp src/gb/gbSound.h src/Gb_Apu/* src/GBA.cpp src/GBAinline.h src/Sound.cpp src/Sound.h src/win32/IOViewer.cpp)
# LCD color correction for GBA and GBC. (src/gb/gbSGB.cpp src/win32/Direct3D.cpp src/win32/DirectDraw.cpp src/win32/GDIDisplay.cpp src/win32/MainWnd.cpp src/win32/MainWnd.h src/win32/MainWndOptions.cpp src/win32/OpenGL.cpp src/win32/VBA.cpp src/win32/VBA.h src/win32/vba.rc)
# GBA PCM channel sound interpolation. (src/snd_interp.cpp src/snd_interp.h src/Sound.cpp src/Sound.h src/win32/MainWnd.cpp src/win32/MainWnd.h src/win32/MainWndOptions.cpp src/win32/resource.h src/win32/VBA.cpp src/win32/vba.rc)
# DirectInput keyboard input only works when main window has input focus.(src/win32/DirectInput.cpp, src/win32/MainWnd.cpp, src/win32/MainWnd.h, src/win32/VBA.cpp, src/win32/VBA.h)
# NEW Replaced original ZIP support and added Rar and 7-Zip support based on Blargg's File_Extractor library. (src/NLS.h src/Util.cpp src/win32/resource.h src/win32/vba.rc -src/unzip.cpp -src/unzip.h)
# DirectSound output has global focus. Useful if you want to play windowed or fullscreen on a second display while keeping IM/IRC or other communications open and focused on primary display, or something. (src/win32/DirectSound.cpp)
# Fixed interframe blending so it isn't applied during window repainting. (src/win32/VBA.cpp)
# Fixed interframe blending functions so they observe srcPitch parameter properly, required for the above fix. (src/interframe.cpp)
# NEW Direct3D always uses 32bpp backbuffer. (src/win32/Direct3D.cpp)
# NEW Direct3D resets the display when the device is lost. (src/win32/Direct3D.cpp)
# DirectDraw vsync uses a timer to poll the current scanline to avoid drivers that hog the CPU on WaitForVerticalBlank. (src/win32/DirectDraw.cpp)
# NEW OpenGL vsync support only polls available extensions on initialization, and uses a more thorough extension check. (src/win32/OpenGL.cpp)
# NEW DirectSound always uses software buffers since some drivers may trigger buffer position events incorrectly. (src/win32/DirectSound.cpp src/win32/MainWnd.cpp src/win32/MainWnd.h src/win32/MainWndOptions.cpp src/win32/resource.h src/win32/vba.rc)
# Registry support disabled completely. (src/win32/Reg.cpp src/win32/Reg.h src/win32/ResizeDlg.cpp src/win32/VBA.cpp)
# NEW Video mode polling ignores modes larger than 4095x4095 to prevent passing illegal modes to the list callback. (src/win32/VideoMode.cpp)
# NEW Fixed binary transparency on the 256x256 24bpp icon.

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VBA-M lives ;)

- Collected list of all available source codes for different VBA builds
* backup location on in VBA-M's website
* thread with many source codes

- Project website (hosted on NGemu now):

- VBA-M forum (requires a separate registration)

- VBA-M previous forum section on NGemu (OLD/unofficial):

- Downloads page
- x86 compiles from the SVN
- x86-64 compiles from SVN (still preliminary)
- Other builds (MacOS, SDL...)

Status: too active, but still undergoing rapid changes ;)
Current team: Mudlord, Spacy, Nach, Jonas Quinn, Squall Leonhart

""VBA-M's goal is to improve upon VisualBoyAdvance by integrating the best features from the various builds floating around. Unfortunately work on the “official” project seems to have stalled. Independent developers have added excellent features to VBA, but seem to have done so individually. The source codes for many of these forks seem to be abandoned, outdated or missing altogether. VBA-M aim to preserve all of the hard work done by these developers to make the already great VisualBoyAdvance even better!""

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VBALink 1.6a is a normal Visualboy Advance 1.6a for Windows, but it emulates Gameboy Advance Link cable and supports up to four GBAs linked together!
Multiplayer mode with 2-4 GBAs in all transfer speeds.
Separate ini files, save files and savestate files for each running VBA.
New Feature: VBA-LAN support - play / connect emulated gba games over the internet or LAN.

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Lacking a select key.

Visualboy advanced seems to be lacking a sleect button key. I can't play alot of the games because I can't change my gear, or read map stuff or something simple like that. Can't even play Zelda - link awakens or Lufia. Not sure if the OP is or knows how to get ahold of the designer but some info would be nice if possible. If not I'll just have to play games that don't use select. -shrug-

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Where did you get that one? Of course VBA has support for the SELECT button. Go to Options->Joypad->Configure->1... and set it to anything you'd like.
Also, this has nothing to do with the link collection, so please make a seperate thread next time.
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