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Hi everybody!

I have seen on some posts (and in the Web too) that Linux users use Wine to get the Multiplayer support of the emulator.

So, I decided to create a Linux version. I tested it on VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7.2. And it works :) !

I add this support in my project "VisualBoyAdvance Link" (VisualBoyAdvance Link: Home) . A Java Gui is available and allows you to configure and use it easily.

Here is a list of games that I tested. Other games in theory will work too of course:
- Advance Wars
- Advance Wars 2
- F-Zero: GP Legend
- Kirby: Cauchemar au Pays des Rêves
- Kirby: Le Labyrinthe des miroirs
- Mario Golf Advance Tour
- Mario Kart Super Circuit
- Sonic Advance
- Sonic Advance 2
- Sonic Advance 3
- Sonic Battle
- Super Monkey Ball Jr.
- The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past & Four Swords

Here is the link where you can download it:
- VisualBoyAdvance Link version 1.1.1:

In a friendly manner!

IMBERT Jacques-Olivier
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