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What's changed:

Core GBA emulation:
- emulating GBA windows correctly when they wrap around the screen
- fixed some minor THUMB flag bugs
- fixed blended sprites priority bug
- fixed unimplemented ARM LDM opcode
- not applying SFX to semi-transparent sprites
- completed mode 5 emulation
- disable sfx now takes effect immediately
- screen capture sets the correct extension when name typed
- MOSAIC support in all video modes and sprites
- fixes to several of the reported black screen, hangs and missing opcode
- Gameshark code support
- import function for battery files, code files and game saves
- export function for battery files
Core GB emulation:
- fixed window priority bug (sprites on top of window)
- screen capture now being taken before status message is displayed
- import function for battery files, code files and game saves
- export function for battery files (no RTC saved in this case)
SDL versions:
- fixed some small disassembler bugs
- fixed keyboard shortcuts with modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift)
- added MMX support (default is off)
- configuration file now in DOS format for the Windows version
- added break on write support for IRAM and WRAM
Linux version specific:
- fixed some bad opcodes

Translations for the following languages were updated to version 0.7:

- Italian
- Polish
- Portuguese (Brazilian)
- Simplified Chinese
- Swedish


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Final update/fixed on version 7a

What's new

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the test versions. I am happy with the test2 version and I am making it the final 0.7a version. I have made a two minor corrections as described below. The Windows and SDL versions have been updated and Linux will be available tomorrow.

About the sound clicks and ticks: use the 44Khz setting as it seems to have less problems. I will investigate this problem but I can't promise much yet.

Last but not least, the Portuguese (Portugal) translation was updated to version 0.7.

Core changes:

-fixed slowdown/graphic sync problem
-added BIOS calls Stop, IntrWait and SoundBiasReset (missing from 0.7 changes)
-enabled experimental graphic filters: pixelate and motion blur (config file or through command line on SDL or registry on Windows version)

Windows version:

-fixed x4 problem

SDL version:

-fixed the disassembler commands parsing when passing instruction count
-added usage messages when missing argument to call

then quickly 2 download it
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