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Today is a happy day for everyone....after 8 months of uncertainty, VisualBoy Advance speaks out and releases a beta version of 1.8.0. Now this release has 2 different packages, normal and "small". I have no clue what is excluded in this package. I will make both avaliable to download....hopefully some of our faithful members can shed some light on the question.
  • Core changes:
  • added almost all AR V3 cheat codes (PokemonHacker)
  • added prefetch emulation
  • added full CBA support (verified for every CBA code type)
  • added emulation for DMA interaction with reading from invalid address
  • fixed CPU init for 256Mbit roms
  • fixed HuffUnComp bug regarding tree size (SF #984608)
  • fixed RTC support for day of the week (fixed at Sunday before)
  • fixed loading of ELF multiboot files (thanks J.W.)
  • fixed bug on CBA code type 5
  • fixed OBJWIN rendering bug when sprite wraps around (SF #1065447)
  • fixed battery saving bug when save type equals to Flash or Sram
  • fixed a compilation warning
  • fixed BIOS ArcTan and ArcTan2 emulation (several bugs)
  • fixed some instruction having incorrect cycles (caused SDL debugger to skip several instructions)
  • fixed lq2x filter (was using hq2x code)
  • fixed some bugs with IntrWait emulation
  • fixed some timer bugs
  • fixed memory timing when loading a save state (was using the timings before loading the state)
  • fixed bug writing to IO register past 0x4000400 (no mirroring)
  • initialize sram and flash memory to 0xff instead of 0x00
  • clean flash/sram on load/reload
  • ignore 8-bit writes to OBJ and OAM memory
  • major AR V1/2/3 support by PokemonHacker
  • simplified GBA emulation loop (easier to understand and maintain)

  • added dialog to edit game overrides
  • added GPL link to Help menu
  • fixed GB Disassemble crash when going to another address
  • fixed a minor repaint bug when focus changed
  • fixed problem displaying rom names that use & character
  • fixed palette save name bug
  • moved vsync code to where it should be
  • moved common palette initialization and cleaned up rendering code to use it

    SDL versions:
  • SDL debugger improvements adapted from VBA-H:
  • break on change
  • conditional breakpoints (ARM and THUMB)
  • dump load and save (memory)
  • edit register (exception of R15)
  • disassemble to file
  • save and load state from debugger

  • fixed some compilation issues (libpng, gtkmm)
» Source: <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Omegainf</A>

» Download VisualBoy Advance 1.8.0 beta <A HREF="">here</A>
» Download VisualBoy Advance 1.8.0 beta (small) <A HREF="">here</A>
» VisualBoy Advance <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"> homepage</A>

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Kirby said:
I have no clue what is excluded in this package. I will make both avaliable to download....hopefully some of our faithful members can shed some light on the question.
Just read ;)

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Its called "beta 2" BTW :p

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ah too bad the Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival
(i think this was a ROM error..hum could there evere be a fix for that?? )
Bug isnt fixed.. well any good to see some progress ;)
wbr Shin Gouki

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I found this bug..maybe its a bug ? I hope they can fix it. The picture here is "LADY SIA" for the Game Boy Advance:

By the way, everything is fine with it expect this weird line and the little critter stuck on the bottom as you can see it but I decided to die and try again..yes, this little critter is return to normal which is so weird to me, heh however I know that it have to do with bug. I hope they can fix it. ;)

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awesome, great news

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does the new emulator finally have support for classic nes titles?

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To upgrade to 1.8.0 beta or not?

Just curious, I havn't upgraded to the 1.8.0 beta yet, should I? I delayed the upgrade due to their statement that there are still some bugs to work out. Does anyone know if the bugs they are talking about are also present in the 1.7.2 version or only in the new beta version? Normally I upgrade as soon as a new version is available, but this is the first time I've had to deal with the question of updating to a beta version of the emulator. So I'm not sure what to do, what are your suggestions on this and your reasons for those suggestions?
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