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For starters, My Specs:

Acer Aspire E 15
Intel core i7-7500U
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2 GB Dedicated VRAM
8 GB DDR4 Memory

So, I have been trying to use duckstation to play PS1 games and have been having graphic issues. The visuals and sound run smoothly but the image quality is very poor. I know the visuals are dated but the games in question I have tried are Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2. I did a side by side comparison of the intro, the first being playing the intro while running the games in duckstation, and then comparing them to a YouTube video of the intro. The visuals I get while running the game have a "grainy/fuzzy" look to them that makes them look worse then what they actually are. I tried changing all of the settings around but nothing I did seemed to help the problem. I would appreciate any advice. I am uncertain if perhaps the settings need to be configured in a certain way or if my laptop just isnt strong enough to run PS1 emulation correctly. Here is a picture comparison:
My screen cap of duckstation:
Screenshot Font Line Software Multimedia

and here is a screencap of the intro from youtube:
Astronomical object Font Circle Terrestrial plant Science

It's a little easier to see while in motion but the top image is much less smooth and more blocky with its image. The one below has a smooth and even image quality. I can try to show videos of both if it would help demonstrate my point. Again any help would be greatly appreciated, be is a setting configuration to try out, etc. Thank you for your time.
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