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Visual boy advance problems

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Ok so i have my worked saved on a visual boy advance emulator but on an earlier version w/o the link and I am playing firered and leafgreen

I want to trade/battle with these files but if I download the program that gives me a link it creates a new emulator with neither files' data

So can Someone help me...

1. Transfer the data from the old emulator to the new one so I can use my files on the newer version that has the link option


2. Add the software that has link into my emulator that has the files


3. Get a code to evolve my pokemon w/o changing them

Thanks in advance and sorry if its hard to understand but im not too sure about how the visual boy advance works

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If your computer aint strong enough then it aint strong enough, it's that simple...and if your PC's power or rather lack thereof is at fault then it's not a problem as others with adequate systems will not experience it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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