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Visual boy advance problems

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Ok so i have my worked saved on a visual boy advance emulator but on an earlier version w/o the link and I am playing firered and leafgreen

I want to trade/battle with these files but if I download the program that gives me a link it creates a new emulator with neither files' data

So can Someone help me...

1. Transfer the data from the old emulator to the new one so I can use my files on the newer version that has the link option


2. Add the software that has link into my emulator that has the files


3. Get a code to evolve my pokemon w/o changing them

Thanks in advance and sorry if its hard to understand but im not too sure about how the visual boy advance works

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File menu > Import / Export battery,
as long as there are no differences between settings, (both emulators being setup to 128k flash i mean)
the vba-l versions increment the save file extension.

first instance is .sa1
second is .sa2
third is .sa3
fourth is .sa4
the link versions of vba remove the v from the save file extension and replace it with a number which increments for each VBA-L window you open.
theres nothing to fix, just import the battery file you want to use with each instance of vba.
only if the computer can run both instances at full speed.
enable the automatic frame skipper and modify the Priority for each instance in task manager.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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