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For over a year I have not had any significant problems with Vista. Today, however, after I had to power down my computer twice because of the program macrogamer, it is not booting up properly. The first time everything worked fine. The second time, when I booted it back up and selected start Windows normally, it would go to the black loading screen with the green loading bar and the logo and stop there. The bar would continue to move and so it didn't freeze. While it would let me select which mode to boot up with, it would not let me goto setup or view the post message (getting the normal beep btw).

After trying to boot up in every safe and normal mode available, I just decided to pop in the recovery disc and go from there. When I press any key to go to boot up with the disc, it goes passed the loading bar I was previously stuck on, would load the Windows files, and then just stop at a black screen. After a few minutes, the mouse pointer would appear, and a few more minutes after that the blue Windows background would appear. On the 3rd attempt of this, an hour later, I am still unable to get passed this point.

Any help at all would be much appreciated, as I have no idea what the hell is wrong with my PC. My specs are:

p5n-e sli asus mobo
6gb Muskin ram
Nividia Geforce 8800gt

If any further information is needed, let me know.
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