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Vista Does It Again

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I have yet another reason to wish I had not upgraded to Windows Vista.

First off, I have looked through this forum and many other forums for help on this matter and have yet to find the answer I am looking for.

I have downloaded ePSXe, followed the tutorial, got my sound plugins, video, cdRom, the works. It works fine when I run the program, but the second I try to load an ISO, Windows Vista tells me that ePSXe stopped working properly and needs to be shut down and they will tell me if they find a solution, which of course they don't.

Now I have deactivated DEP (and made sure it worked), I have downloaded Directx_9c and as far as I can tell, my drivers are fine. I have made sure all the plugins work and everything seems good to go.

But when ever I try and load the ISO, again, I get the same wonderful message.

I have also tried using an older version, like v.1.52, or using a different emulator like PSX, nothing seems to work.

Anyone got any thoughts?

By the way if it helps to know, the ISO game is Digimon Rumble Arena.
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User does it again ...

I was using Vista and I played with epsxe for a long time, no crashes at all. It was better than Xp in many ways, now I switch to seven because it's like Vista but better. Probably your iso is the problem
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