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I am getting a copy error when I try to copy a file from my host computer to the virtual harddisk. I tried several times, It almost happens instantly now.
The error says:
Windows delayed write failed.
Windows was unable to save the file for E:\dvd10.rar The data has been lost. This error may be caused by failure of computer harddware or nettwork connection Please try to save the file somewhere else.

This is the setup

Virtual PC 2007 sp1 256 mb
E6400 @ 2.6 ghz
250 GB IDE
2GB ddr 2 667 mhz

Virtual pc is the only other process running.

Though with previous files i never had this problem and still was running some other processes.

The other files were 6 files about 42 GB.
the One I am trying to copy is 6.5 gb.

What can I do about this, nothing has changed since I copied the other ones...

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Virtual PC itself is probably causing the problem (Virtual PC isn't exactly a highly favored virtualization client to say the least....)

If you can take the hassle, create another VM, this time using VirtualBox. VMWare Workstation features tonnes more features, but you're gonna have to cough up for it (and get accustomed to a pretty advanced UI).
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