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virtual cd ^_-i

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can someone please help me out...? i made a virtual cd of the game "blaze & blade: eternal quest", so that i don't need to re-insert the cd everytime i play. my problem is... i can't play the game. i don't know why. i tried following everything on the help file of epsxe, but i still can't open the game... what's wrong..? the game plays on the epsxe emu if i use the actual cd inserted in my drive, but it doesn't seem to work with the virtual one.. please.. a little tip would be a big help. thanks a lot!!!! ^_-i
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Ok, you created an image...Try using FILE ---> RUN ISO. Search for the image and run it.
What Virtual CD software are you using?
What format is the image in (.ISO, .MDF, .VC4, etc)?
Did you tell ePSXe to look at the Virtual Drive rather than your real one?
thanks for the tip!! the format of the virtual cd is vc4. and i'm using a software named virtual cd v6. how can i make epsxe look for the virtual drive? that's something new to me. thanks a lot again guys!!!! ^_-i
Well you tell ePSXe the drive letter of the virtual drive (if you are using the internal plugin) under CD options.
Not a fan of Virtual CD myself, as no other app understands the Virtual CD format and itself understands very few formats, but hey.
Virtual CD might not work with ePSXe. I think it doesn't allow a program to read CDs sector by sector.
AFAIK Virtual CD compressed images that it made...
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