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I have a virtua cop 2 for pc that was published by empire interactive. It's missing the soundtrack, sadly....
so I went searching for the music files...and found virtua cop 2 saturn.
The music from the saturn version is in the same order as the pc one (and they're both cd audio), so if you have both, you can reburn the cd using mixed mode.
Alternatively, you can use the Saturn version as a soundtrack cd for the pc version, but for that to work it needs to be in the first cd drive.
So, if your Virtua cop 2 pc has a cd protection (like mine), you need a workaround (nocd exe, can't tell where you can get those though), but if applied, it does work.

Just posting this, pretty sure it's helpful for some....

note that there are various other sega pc releases with incorrect soundtracks (static cd audio and such); you can usually fix those up if you manage to find a saturn version or a complete soundtrack, and then reburn them in mixed mode. and perhaps the above mentioned trick works on more titles. I assume it does.

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O. T. You can also use Mame to enter the test menu for both VC games and listen to their awesome music (that's about it - there's no 3D :p).

Suprisingly, Mame emulates other Sega games of that era (Virtua Fighter, VF Remix, VF Kids, etc) 100%. :)

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I used this trick once for Mortal Kombat Trillogy! I had the PC version, but for some reason, the music tracks where missing!! So, I borrowed the PSX version and reburned the PC version.

But the most impressive trick I did was with the PC version of Earthworm Jim 2. I got it from a magazine that always comes with a full game. But it was missing the music tracks. So, I downloaded the Snes rom, and using an emulator, I dumped all the songs. Then, I converted them to .wav files and reburned the game cd!!! Ok, I didn't had CD quality musics, but hey! At least the musics on the snes version are great!

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cooliscool said:
O. T. You can also use Mame to enter the test menu for both VC games and listen to their awesome music (that's about it - there's no 3D :p).

Suprisingly, Mame emulates other Sega games of that era (Virtua Fighter, VF Remix, VF Kids, etc) 100%. :)
well, maybe it's possible too to reconstruct the soundtracks using the arcade psicomaniaco did with ewj2. Put in a random audio cd when you play vc2 pc, write down the track numbers it's playing at which moment, then record the appropriate music from the arcade version and burn the cd... kind of a hassle, but I suppose it would work nicely. I guess it works for vc1 as well...
I also fixed Sonic 3D Blast (it had static cd audio in my pc version) with the saturn soundtrack. One could record from the megadrive version but the soundtrack differs a lot. I also put Japanese sonic cd music in my english sonic cd ;)

And I didn't know those virtua fighter games worked yet; thx for the info. :)

oh... while I'm at it, why not a little compatibility list for those sega pc games under xp... I know some of them are emulated, but others aren't, or poorly. Most of them are pretty much equal to the console versions they were ported from.

Work on winxp without modification:

Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi 3
Sega Rally 2 (CD Audio is broken though)
Sonic 3D Flickies Island (aka Sonic 3D Blast)
Sonic & Knuckles Collection
Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic Heroes
Virtua Cop (aka Virtua Squad)
Virtua Cop 2 (aka Virtua Squad 2)
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Tennis

Work on winxp after messing with directdraw/agp settings in dxdiag:

Daytona USA
Daytona USA Deluxe (perhaps works normally with d3d patch applied)
Sega Rally

Big issues:

Sonic R (works but requires additional tricks to work:
Sega Touring Car Championship (works but has speed issues not related to windows xp)
Last Bronx (works but has no speed limiter so goes too fast; running it in a virtual pc environment will slow it down)

Not working:

Sonic CD
Bug! (duh, as the name says)

note that some games need to have win98 compatibility set on their installer programs, otherwise they won't install correctly.

some additional notes - just because I like to and not because I'm a sega fan or anything like that. ;)

Of the above mentioned games, Sonic & Knuckles collection and Sonic CD are the least interesting since they're emulated quite nicely. Besides, Sonic & Knuckles collection has midi music, and genesis/megadrive music is better.
There's also a megadrive version of Sonic 3D Blast, but the PC/Saturn version looks and sounds better so I'd go with that version.
The pc versions sometimes come with extra's or differences:
-sonic & knuckles collection comes with a screensaver with a ton of artwork and soundtracks, though the latter sadly being recorded at a rather poor 11khz. In Japan you had to buy this screensaver separately, apparantly.
-sonic cd has the US soundtrack. Because of how the original version worked (the "past" tracks are not cd audio in the original sega cd version, and weren't altered) the last few cd tracks on the pc version are the "past" audio tracks, which are indeed from the Japanese soundtrack.
-Sonic R has different daytime settings for the stages. The Saturn version didn't have this. Afaik the same goes for Daytona USA Deluxe when the 3D patch is applied.
-Last Bronx PC has some additional gfx settings not found in the saturn version; apparantly (can't back this one up, but I recall this one) the Japanese pc version came with a second disc with bonus material.
-Virtua Fighter 2 comes with a ton of replays, both funny ones and from some awesome Japanese players. I don't know if this was included in the Saturn version
-Then there's "omake" dirs on some cd's.....

other - this guy: - did a lot of the nice Sega soundtracks, and some other games too. Yes, that's MSR there in the list ;) And yup, he's from the UK. Not Japan.
and Traveller's tales (they did sonic 3d and sonic R) are a UK studio too.
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