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I just dug this game out but it keeps crashing within 20secs of play,up till then its fine.
I tried it with petes soft and d3d 1.52 using internal sound and iori's 1.4 using the internal cd.
It was crashing with some cdda error so I turned that off and I'm running from origional cd.
I dont really want to try it with an iso cos I just want to have a blast on it.
Any one get this game running?

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Hi, Jaz. I succesfully emulated this game a couple of months ago, with FPSE. I was using Pete's MIDAS spu at that time, but I guess you can try it with something newer, like Pete's DSound, or maybe Iori's SPU. CDROM-wise, I was using Barrett-Kazzuya's CDR. Now, about the graphics plugin I would recommend Pete's Soft plugin, over the OGL & D3D ones - it was giving me better results, If I remember correctly...
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