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allright, I'm playing Chrono Corss and sometimes it goes faster, sometimes slower, but allright, that's not a major problem
that what makes me to not be able to play the game is that every time in battle I chose "elements" in the menu it all (graphiscs and music) goes too slooooooooow and I get bugs instead of menus and I hardly close my emulator as it gets not responding or my PC restarts

I'm using this ePSXe configuration:

Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.50
which is configured like:
full screen mode - desktop resolution: 1152 x 864 - colour depth:32 Bit
Texture quality : don't care - Use driver's default textures
Filtering: 0: None
Caching type : 2: dynamic - Reccomended!....
Framerate: all fields empty except: Autodeteck FPS/Frame skipping limit

Off-Screen drawing: !: Miminum - Missing Screens (hmmmmh... I see now that may be the problem..... should I put standard?)
Framebuffer textures: 0: Emulated vram....
Alpha MultiPass: On
Mask bit: On
Advanced bleeding: On

all off

ePSXc SPU core 1.5.2.
configured as: Default (of course)

Enable Sound : On
Enable CDDA Sound : On
Enable XA sound : Off
Enable SPU IRQ hack : Off

ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.5.2.
configured as:
all fields unchecked

bios: PAL

my PC:

OS: Windows XP Professional (sob :( ) 2002
GeForce 2
AMD Athlon(tm)XP 1600+
1,40 GHz
256 MB of RAM

please help...
thanxxx in advance!!!

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allright, I'll try thanxxx
why I am using these options is beacuse they were what was reccomended for a PC like I use, but I know I've gotta change it all for each game.....
well, I'll tray what you just recommended thanxxx a lot!

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were you having the exact same problem and followed the exact same steps? or was there something different to it? what are your computer specs?
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