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VIdeo card seems to send random blanks

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Okay, so I turn my comptuer on today, and the video randomly sends blanks. I thought it was just my video card going to stand by at first and then the mouse got tapped or something, but it keep doing it. Now my setup is my comptuer to a monitor switch (an old on) then the monitor. I have another computer on it too. Now, I'm wondering, is it my video card, my switch, or monitor. I'm going to redo all the wiring soon, so it someone thinks it's the swtich (which your guess is as good as mine) then I might as well put the 2nd comptuer else were...I hope someone can help me, k, thx, bye.
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If your switch (I assume it's a KVM - Keyboard Video Mouse - switch) is a physical turn-the-know type switch rather than a digital push the button switch, that is a common problem. Furthermore, I found that the keyboard would often go berserk with that kind of switch. I'd suggest trying to use the machine with the switch out of the loop for a while.

Out of curiosity, what do you use the other computer(s) for? Server work? Firewall? A second operating system to tinker with? You may be able to use VNC to access the computer over the network instead of using a KVM (I did this for a while until I found that everything I wanted to do didn't even require a GUI - at which point simple SSH worked fine).
Heh, in that case you could definately use VNC instead of the KVM if you want (unless you have a nice KVM or haven't noticed any problems with yours - personally, I threw mine away).

I do the same thing with my home server (running DC-GUI-QT), but it's also a firewall, router, NIS server, VPN gateway, web server, subversion server, email server (though I disabled SMTP and have it going through my ISP until I fully figure out e-mail and prevent unauthorized usage), and probably a couple other things I haven't used in a while but are working just the same :). The best part: No keyboard, video, or mouse :).
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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