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VIdeo card seems to send random blanks

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Okay, so I turn my comptuer on today, and the video randomly sends blanks. I thought it was just my video card going to stand by at first and then the mouse got tapped or something, but it keep doing it. Now my setup is my comptuer to a monitor switch (an old on) then the monitor. I have another computer on it too. Now, I'm wondering, is it my video card, my switch, or monitor. I'm going to redo all the wiring soon, so it someone thinks it's the swtich (which your guess is as good as mine) then I might as well put the 2nd comptuer else were...I hope someone can help me, k, thx, bye.
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Well, I just redid the wires, I think it was the huge speaker beside it, but it never bothered it before. It was doing it even after I moved the speaker, but it seems to be fine now.

I use the second comptuer as a downloader. You see the volcano 12 isn't a quite thing to have on at night, so I shut my main computer down at night. I haven't really downloaded anything lately though. It's also nice, to defrag and then go to the other comptuer, or anything like that.
yeah it's nice. but now when I press select for the comptuer it gets stuck at two and the keyboard won't work?! What the crap does that mean? It worked before I redid everything, I mean I'm using it on one right now, but don't even think about switching..
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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