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:eyes: what video card does everyone think i should get looking to spen £100-£50 gefrorce 2mx/200/400/gts/ultra/pro/
kyro ll
ati rage
whats the best for the price ive found a geforce 2 gts 32mbDDR for under £100 any good ?

I'm not sure about English money since I'm from the USA. But the cards, in order of my preference are:
1.GEForce cards-Top of the line w/best drivers. Drivers are always being updated. GEForce 2 MMX is a fantastic card for the money.
2. ATI cards-Radeons-Excellent cards that are developing fast. A new Radeon (the Turbo) is supposed to be out soon and is supposed to rival the top GEForce 2 cards ( but not the GEForce 3) at a low price of around $199 US dollars. Drivers are not as good as Nvidias (GEForce) and are slower to be updated.
3.Kyro Cards. Supposed to be good and are low priced. Don't know much about them or their drivers.
4.Voodoo 5500 cards-Very good cards and they do somethings better that the top GEForce 2 cards. But they are discontinued and dead. No new drivers are coming unless someone is able to "hack" some new ones. Therefore, the Voodoo 5500 is not reccommended as a card to get.
There, I hope that helps some w/your video card purchase decision.

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Originally posted by 404
Get GeForce 256 DDR instead of GeForce2MX!

Don't Believe Me?

Check THIS LINK - Madonion Hall of FAME - , and see how GeForce2MX ended up second to the last row of the best graphic card ever ... :(
The GeForce 2 MX is a value card. It's designed for low cost and low performance. The GeForce 256 is a high-end card. They're targetted at different markets, much like the P3 and the Celeron, or the Athlon and the Duron. The MX was clocked down intentionally, has only a dual pixel pipeline, and only has SDR memory and is the only nVidia card which has TwinView. It's a card for the average user, not power-users or gamers. Still, for its price it's a pretty good card.

The Radeon Value Edition is also a very good card for the money. And ATI is close to releasing the Radeon 8500 which rivals the GeForce 3 in performance.
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