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vib-ribbon (PAL) [help!]

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Hi --

I've just recently managed to pick up a copy of vib-ribbon (PAL), what I consider one of the greatest games ever made. :)

Unfortunately, I can't get ePSXe to run it completely.

What happens:

I boot up, the game runs fine -- even through the introductory screens and the title page. You get a choice of language (ENGLISH) and then a menu.

If you choose GAME or INSTRUCTIONS. The LOADING page comes up (complete with spinning stars). Then -- after a small wait -- the stars stop spinning and the game just hangs.

I'm fairly certain it's not a graphics problem. The emulator/plugin has no trouble with the simple,vector graphics and I'm fairly certain that the opening menus, etc are all "in game".

I know vib-ribbon reads audio tracks from CDs to make the boards that make up the game, and I'm fairly certain this is where it's going wrong. In the case of INSTRUCTIONS, the game hung, but the music played in the background anyway.

Is it the CD plugin? The audio plugin? Or the emulator itself?

PLEASE if anyone could give me advice, I'd *greatly* appreciate it!

-- d
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Try F4

Just for giggles, try hitting F4 when it appears to lock-up.

It seems that when a lot my games try to access the memory card, it appears to freeze for a long time. Tony Hawk2, Spyro3, many of my games are afflicted by this. It's become habit for me to just hit F4 a couple times whenever I see the first sign of a lockup.

Give it a shot.
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