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vib-ribbon (PAL) [help!]

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Hi --

I've just recently managed to pick up a copy of vib-ribbon (PAL), what I consider one of the greatest games ever made. :)

Unfortunately, I can't get ePSXe to run it completely.

What happens:

I boot up, the game runs fine -- even through the introductory screens and the title page. You get a choice of language (ENGLISH) and then a menu.

If you choose GAME or INSTRUCTIONS. The LOADING page comes up (complete with spinning stars). Then -- after a small wait -- the stars stop spinning and the game just hangs.

I'm fairly certain it's not a graphics problem. The emulator/plugin has no trouble with the simple,vector graphics and I'm fairly certain that the opening menus, etc are all "in game".

I know vib-ribbon reads audio tracks from CDs to make the boards that make up the game, and I'm fairly certain this is where it's going wrong. In the case of INSTRUCTIONS, the game hung, but the music played in the background anyway.

Is it the CD plugin? The audio plugin? Or the emulator itself?

PLEASE if anyone could give me advice, I'd *greatly* appreciate it!

-- d
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Make sure the mdecs are switched on would be my first check after that try disabling xa audio (see screen shot)
Aw feck it. On my belfast pc I do not currently have any art programs loaded so I've been using flippin imaging to create screenshots. However I just threw an new HDD into her so I think I'd better put photoshop or paintshop on:p
LOL the reason why mine looks so differnent is 'cos I use object dektop for my shell instead of explorer. Anyways what about the mdec options as highlighted at the bottom? are they on?
Ah Its because these are the settings for the epsecutor program that comes with the installer version. Its avisable to use this 'cos some options were left out of the main gui. You can download it from the downloads section of

ps yep its win 2k as I said I use object desktop. With it you can skin everything.
Well if you think that the cd plugin is to blame it couldn't hurt to make an iso.
Originally posted by Samor
hmm...I don't think that will work, since vib ribbon needs music cd's......I don;t think epsxe will read an iso and a music cd at the same time?
No problem. A real psx can't read 2 cds at the same time so why does epsxe need to do it:p? Although I don't have this game I assume that all you would need to do is goto the change disk option in the gui and swap the iso for one made from a music cd.

Ps Isobuster can make 1 iso file containing all the audio tracks etc.
Ok this is from memory so if its slightly off I'll fix it later after work. You need to right click on the session 1 icon then select extract image -> extract raw. That sould make 1 iso which has all tracks contained on it (well it worked for teken 3)
Ok this is damn strange. When I made an iso of teken 3 it Definately copied the audio tracks as well however I just checked it in isobuster and yep, no mention of it :confused:. I'm stumped.

ps don't let bgnome catch you bumping.:)
Well that clears that one up:doh: . The only emu which has better compatiblity is vgs, but that one is commerical. Even then I'm not sure of it will work.
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