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Vgswin 141 modpatch

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First off, I know I posted this on News Subbmissions, but know one ever goes there. So I'll post it here for everyone to enjoy.

I dont think anyone has ever said it, and It's not on ngemu or was on psxemu. It's a very good patch to let you play your backups on Cvgs.

I found it on, and on some other sites. It wasnt made by him it was made by Morlac.

It's small but it works very well.
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i think cdrom is the key when i use my old cdrom actima 50x it doesnt allow me to play backup games but w/ my asus 50x it plays any thing even w/o the patch kinda confusing
using a modchip patch also a great work around so you will not get some games bieng ejected by vgs(just to be sure all games will work but not the heavily scrath disc ;) )
yup i also experienced that thats the reason why i use modpatch
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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