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Vgswin 141 modpatch

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First off, I know I posted this on News Subbmissions, but know one ever goes there. So I'll post it here for everyone to enjoy.

I dont think anyone has ever said it, and It's not on ngemu or was on psxemu. It's a very good patch to let you play your backups on Cvgs.

I found it on, and on some other sites. It wasnt made by him it was made by Morlac.

It's small but it works very well.
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I don't see how that patch would lead to piracy. VGS works with backups whether it's patched or not, but sometimes it spits out discs it doesn't like, more often than not backup discs. I've tried using VGS with and without the Morlac patch, and the only thing i've noticed is that sometimes the unpatched .exe doesn't read some backups, and sometimes even my original japanese import games!

So basically what that patch does is to force VGS to read whatever disc's in there regardless of whether it's a backup or the original.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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