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VGS vs. ePSXe

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VGS is perfect but no 3D, ePSXe is nice, but sound crap.
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Yeah, for 2D gaming VGS is the best (since it's pretty much perfect playstation emulation) and it's very simple to use. I use it for games like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Megaman X5, Marvel vs Capcom and most other 2D games. My TNT2 has hardware filtering so the graphics don't bad at all. It also has great CD-ROM support.

For 3D gaming I prefer to use epsxe, if I can get it configured properly. Most of the time I can get games to run near perfect and smoothly, even on my TNT2. Epsxe is also still in development, unlike VGS, which is pretty much dead. There's also save state support but I usually stay away from it, cause it messes up my memory card every time I use it.
The newer Playstation games aren't out for emulators yet. Besides, the home console versions offer more options. SFA3 for PSX has all the secret characters unavailable in the arcades (Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma, Guile, T.Hawk, Dee Jay, Fei Long) as well as extra gaming modes (imagine a chain-comboing Shin Akuma with infinite guard meter and self-charging super bar). And other PSX games aren't available for arcades at all...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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