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Originally posted by time killer
the reason why VGS does not work with win2k is just because this is a net-based OS, what? shall you ask,the answer is that it is like winNT what means that it is developed to build servers at most, not to be used as a home OS.

I can advice you to upgrade to winME because it is more adecuate to your needs, unless you are a web builder or own a bank, trust me :D because it is in this case better than win2k
It has nothing to do with win2k being a "net-based OS", mostly because it isn't. :)

Here's the real reason why VGS doesn't work: One of the reasons Win2K is waaayyy more stable than Win9x/Me is that he does NOT allow any programs to bypass the OS when accessing the hardware. This way, it prevents the program from doing something stupid and causing a BSOD.

VGS doesn't work because of this. It uses some strange way to access the CD-Rom, but Win2K does not allow this kind of access.

By the way, I reccommend you NOT to upgrade to WinMe. Win2K's stability is worth it, even if a few programs don't work. One other thing, starting from Windows XP ALL Microsoft OSes are going to be based on NT/2000.

[]s Badaro
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