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VGS and Voodoo3 Driver Error???

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well, this one is very bad, every time after I booted a PS CD, and go into a game play, every time I pressed ESC key, I always get Hanged, so I have to reboot the Computer. This was happened only when I used the voodoo3 driver Version 1.07.00, but when I replace it with the old version 1.04.00, that just doesn't happen...

(without 1.07.00, there isn't OPENGL icd!!! I just Hateeeee it)

so guys, any advices?
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I don't have any advice ... but I am having the same problem on my Voodoo5. :(
use ePSXe if you have any problem with VGS on your Voodoo 3 new driver
Well I found that if you ALT-TAB and close VGS by end task, than it provides an artificial solution to the hang problem. So just do that whenever you're ready to quit/reset or make modifications to the settings and restart VGS.
well, I did notice that, and we can also do ALT-F4 to close it when we are in a game. Anyway, without driver version 1.07.00, there won't be OpenGL ICD, and that's no cool at all...

and, do u guys think 3dfx will release new version of driver for their voodoo anymore(since they sold it to NVidia)? (without new fix, I don't think this problem will be fix)
my friend has similar problems.

i suggested though that to uncheck high quality movie playback
since his voodoo3 3000 doesn't support 32 bit color aka true color.

it might work for you also.
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