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I bought VGS 1-41 and it does not work
it crashes, when i try to start it
i have

a celeron 500
abit bx6 rev2
elsa erazor 3
soundblaster 128 pci
192 MB
pioneer scsi u24x cdrom

could anybody help me?
thanks a lot

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What video drivers are you using? I had the same problem (VGS starts, but only shows black screen) when I use the reference drivers for my TNT2. I have to use the retail Diamond drivers for my video card for it to work. The CD-R burning program Nero Burning ROM's also known to cause some problems with VGS.

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thank you very much...
i moved the nerocd95.vxd
to a backup folder
and rebooted the system
after that vgs ran fine...
thank you...
but i love my nero...
is there a way to use both without moving a single file?
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