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Hello, All!

I have released VGBAnext 6.4.3, a new version of my universal GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, NES, and Famicom emulator for Android:

VGBAnext - Universal Console Emulator - Apps on Google Play

This release adds support for NES mappers #30 and #111, used by a lot of newer homebrewn cartridges. I have also fixed compatibility with Android 4.2, adding home screen shortcuts, opening files from other apps, and a few possible crash sources. Finally, rounded corners on legacy icons, for a better look.

As you remember, I had to disable cheat features to avoid Google staff banning VGBAnext from the store. You can easily reenable cheats though by downloading this file to your Downloads folder:

  • Added NES mapper #30 for homebrewn 512kB/256kB UNROM boards.
  • Added NES mapper #111 for homebrewn Cheapocabra GTROM boards.
  • Fixed compatibility with Android 4.2/4.3.
  • Fixed opening files from File Managers and other apps.
  • Fixed adding home screen shortcuts on newer devices.
  • Fixed several more possible crash sources.
  • Fixed leaked dialog window on app exit.
  • Added rounded corners to legacy icons.

Have fun!

PS: fMSX Deluxe, my MSX home computer emulator for Android, is on $2.99 sale this week:

fMSX Deluxe - Complete MSX Emulator - Apps on Google Play
301 - 301 of 301 Posts