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I was kinda bored. And when I'm bored I go out of mind and make some strange stuff :p
What about a stupid VG quizes series?
The idea popped out in my head and so before I lose my "out of mind" condition, I decided to write it fast ;) . I'd like to thank Killjoy very much for helping me with the questions ^_^

So let's start already with : NES ^^

1) What was the game that starts in a bathroom?
2) How many colors at once a NES can display?
3) Name 3 series which had only 3 titles on NES.
4) Name 2 fighting games for NES.
5) Name 5 characters whose names start with "L" and starred in 5 different NES games.
6) What was the last game for NES? Last In Japan and Last in US.
7) What's the most famous code used in NES gaming era and became a mascot for it's company after?
8) Name a game where you can switch your weapon anytime you want.
9) Name 3 games where player1 and player2 wore blue and red costumes respectively.
10) What was the largest data size to be stored on NES carts?

Start posting your answers and Killjoy and I will tell you if you were correct ;)

If you liked that I'll be making other consoles quizes :)

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First of all I wonder why every one is making the same mistake in the colors question, but DW surprised me more when he said it wrong although he has the answer on his site :S

DW : 6.8/10 (Hint : For red and blue, choose different series or I can just say double dragon 1,2,3)
Silenus : 3.2/10
Mako eyes : 0.8/10 ^^"
@aperson, I'm not against you ofcourse. But still you could've waited till my quiz is finished ;)
Anyway :

11) Contra, Double dragon, Mighty Final fight
12) I'm not sure but it might be Prince of persia
13) Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest,
14) I don't understand
15) Mega man, Bomber man, Metal gear, Contra,
16) The Goonies, StarTropics, Yo! Noid, Yo Yo Fighter
17) Will think of later :p

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Ok here are the answers ^_^

1) Deja vu
2) 16 and ok yes I know it's a tricky question sorry ^^" (/hopes he can run as good as he says stupid questions :p )
3) Adventures of Lolo, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Super Mario Bros... etc
4) Karateka, Yie-Ar-KungFu, Karate Champ, TMNT, Punch out... etc
5) Luigi, Link, Lolo, Layla, Lee, Leonheart, Light... etc
6) US : Wario's Woods. JP : Adventure island IV.
7) Konami Code
8) Mega man
9) Contra, Double Dragon, Ice climber
10) 8Mbit = 1MB

Also sorry if some questions were not so well explained ^^" . And notice that I'm not the NES guru that can bet DW for example, so you might find something wrong with the answers.
I'll be making another quiz to another console soon (Expect more difficult questions :evil: )
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