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4) Name 2 fighting games for NES.
hmm... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters and Urban Champion. Oddly enough tehy are the 2 only true fighting games for the NES so you may as well ask "Name all the fighting games for NES :p"

6) What was the last game for NES? Last In Japan and Last in US.
The last in the US was Wario's Woods I think... dunno about Japan. I want half a point :p

7) What's the most famous code used in NES gaming era and became a mascot for it's company after?
Hmm... Konami/Ultra's up up down down left right left right BA?

8) Name a game where you can switch your weapon anytime you want.
Hmm... I don't exactly get what you mean... do you mean switching without having to press start and selecting a different weapon? If so how about the Micropose's Flight Simulator "F15 Strike Eagle."
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