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eh what the Hell..

Luigi (Super Mario Bros) as DW already mentioned
Link (The Legend of Zelda) Silenus gets credit for that one I guess
Leonheart (Final Fantasy II)
Dr. Light (Megaman) shut up, it counts.
Little Nemo (Little Nemo: The Dream Master.) It counts too dammit

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aperson said:
Dr. Light can't count because Light would be his last name. Unless he's like Mario Mario (and I don't know if they've ever stated his first name, I stopped caring about the series around #4 or #5) "Little" Nemo doesn't count either: his parents didn't name him Little.
cloudvii said:
5) Name 5 characters whose names start with "L" and starred in 5 different NES games.
Nowhere did cloudvii mention that it had to be the character's first name OR their real name ;)

ANYway... let me take a stab at the others . . .

The Legend of Zelda
Final Fantasy
Little Red Hood
River City Ransom
Super Mario Bros. 2 / Doki-Doki Panic
...and that's all I got.

Star Tropics
Rygar (does that count? It's a disc attached to a string, come on :p)
Kirby's Adventure (I haven't played it, I'm just taking a wild guess that the yo-yo enemies are in this one too...)
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