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We hit up the spoiler a console historian we really shouldn't be playing ;)

1) What was the game that starts in a bathroom? Deja Vu (already answered)
2) How many colors at once a NES can display? The palette contains 48 colors and 5 grays; you can normally display 25 of these on the same screen. However, mid-frame palette swapping can simulate more.
3) Name 3 series which had only 3 titles on NES. Double Dragon (Part 4 is a hack), Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, andwhat the hell...Castlevania
4) Name 2 fighting games for NES. Karate Champ & Yie Ar Kung Fu
5) Name 5 characters whose names start with "L" and starred in 5 different NES games. (now this is a challenge..start us off with Luigi)
6) What was the last game for NES? Last In Japan and Last in US.
Officially Wario Woods in the US and Adventure Island IV in Japan (Unofficially it was Sunday Funday
7) What's the most famous code used in NES gaming era and became a mascot for it's company after? (Konami code up,up,down,down,L,R,L,R,B,A Selct Start)
8) Name a game where you can switch your weapon anytime you want. Mega Man
9) Name 3 games where player1 and player2 wore blue and red costumes respectively. Contra, Contra Force, and Double Dragon
10) What was the largest data size to be stored on NES carts?
Kind of a trick question. OFFICIALLY the largest kart was Kirby at 768 (Dragon Warrior 4 was only 513K), but Unofficially there have been chip enhancements that made carts like 110 in 1 that is 3068K in size.

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cloudvii said:
First of all I wonder why every one is making the same mistake in the colors question, but DW surprised me more when he said it wrong although he has the answer on his site :S

DW : 6.8/10 (Hint : For red and blue, choose different series or I can just say double dragon 1,2,3)
Silenus : 3.2/10
Mako eyes : 0.8/10 ^^"
Indeed cloudvii...but you were not specific. Yes the answer is on our site, but you did not say how many colors can the NES do "without PPU tricks". zen_master is a trick question ;)

You also didn't say the game series for red and blue characters had to be different :p . OK you never though of this one... Balloon Fight!
We are definitely curious as to what else we got wrong..hehe. We don't see how we could be :lol:
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