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Very off topic: UT/PU pic/random pictures

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I made this a while ago. It was Planet Unreal's POTD for a little while :)
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Ok, so this one's kinda lame :p
Good old Conan 'O Brien :)
Does this look familiar to anyone? :) :eyes:
Some more wacky real life stuff :)
This guy was not too smart... :)
Ok, I guess this one's not that funny... :)
Some packages say "may contain peanuts"...
I guess this is what carpet installers get :)
I bet everyone will want one of these ;)
This one can explain itself :D
Ever had a boss with this name? Ehehehe :)
This one's just amusing if you watch Seinfeld... :)
Bathroom scum at its worst... :p
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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