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Very inconsistent

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This is what it happens:
While playing all of my games (FF 7 8 9, MGS, Wipeout, etc) lots of changes occure.
Example in FF8
During the FMV the sound sometimes flickers and the image skips.
During normal game, music and movement are ULTRA fast
During the world map, its kinda slow.
Some more speed related stuff
But what bores me the most is the sound. Can u imagine listening do FF prelude 3 times faster? IT SUCKS! I have a real psx, but i use emulators 4 scn shots and 4 learnig some stuf: the thrill of playing FF in the pc ehehehehe :D

Heres my sistem:
Celeron 466 (BTW, this sucks :( )
Riva TNT 2 ultra 32 mb
toshiba DVD drive
128 MB ram
petes Direct 3d plugin (directX 7)
Epsxe sound core
Petes aspi cd plugin
last version of epsxe
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do you have frameskip on? you need to turn it off..
Hum, gonna try that
And what about the sound?
Originally posted by Bgnome
do you have frameskip on? you need to turn it off..
If the game's too fast, you may also want to turn on FPS Limit.

[]s Badaro
the sound goes as fast as the the emu

if you enable frameskip, and frame rate goes up to 100+, then the sound speeds up too disable frame skip and enable frame limit to like 60 or so

it should work
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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