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<a href="/forums/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=193">Mad</a> submitted this item on our news submittion forum : A new version of the popular GBA emu <a href="" TARGET="_blank">vBoy</a> has been released today, getting up the version number to v0.6 ! This version will also be the first, which will be released as a vBoy SDL version soon afterwards. Here's the list of changes coming with this release :<ul><li>fixed bug with images patched to save into FlashAdvance instead of EEprom
<li>fixed bug reporting register P1
<li>fixed DMA loop bug and timing
<li>reworked the cheat engine for Gameboy (faster now)
<li>GB Pocket Printer support
<li>GB MBC7 support (motion sensor)
<li>added ROM information dialogs
<li>now centering dialog boxes
<li>automatically hiding of mouse in full screen
<li>Cheat list dialog improved with description for a code
<li>screen shot menu option
<li>reset recent list option
<li>option to disable status messages
<li>option to automatically save/load cheat list
<li>menu to save/load cheat list
<li>using new dialog controls under Windows XP
<li>language selectable from menu and easy translation </ul>Yay, a screenshots function :) Make sure to post your self taken shots on our <a href="/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=42">GBA screenshots forum</a>, I'm currently adding them all to our GBA section ! Ehhm, anyway, back to the topic : You can download the new GBA version from <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=90&id=14">here</a> or from our <a href="/gba/visualboyadv.php">vBoy Advance section</a>. For the translation files and more infos however, I'll have to send you to the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">official vBoy homepage</a>. Feel free to discuss this release on our <a href="/forums/index.php">message board</a> !
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