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I´ve just checked out the vboy page: and i found that the new awaited version 0.6 is out. Here´s a list of whats new:
- fixed bug with images patched to save into FlashAdvance instead of EEprom
- fixed bug reporting register P1
- fixed DMA loop bug and timing
- reworked the cheat engine for Gameboy (faster now)
- GB Pocket Printer support
- GB MBC7 support (motion sensor)
- added ROM information dialogs
- now centering dialog boxes
- automatically hiding of mouse in full screen
- Cheat list dialog improved with description for a code
- screen shot menu option
- reset recent list option
- option to disable status messages
- option to automatically save/load cheat list
- menu to save/load cheat list
- using new dialog controls under Windows XP
- language selectable from menu and easy translation

And for more interesting news, Forgotten said the SDl version may come out in this next week.
Go check it out!
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