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vblank overlap

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i got ffx running. when its going ingame, the output window says:
"padman: *** VBLANK OVERLAP ***"
im not saying that my should go ingame and run at 60 FPS, i was just wondering this topic, what is the vblank overlap?
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it meens that it cant process the keys being pressed at that point in time, its not a error.
yeah but if im not pressing any buttons and it keeps showing, it can t be. the frames go on but its always giving me vblank overlap. would like me to post a screenshot of this happening?
yes it can be and a screen shot isnt needed. You dont have too press a key for it not to be able to process keys.
yeah you could be right. sorry. i wasn't trying to outsmart you(even if i tried i couldn't :D)thx anyways
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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